UONLER Project 

On listening, sound collecting, and writing

UONLER is an ongoing experimental collaborative project of sonic practice, which contains two flows of mind's expressions from auditory imagination. Began in 2018 Summer, the sound recordings have been collecting, included different contents of sound in the particular place, of nature, urban, and culture. The formlessness of sound was attempted to transform into the visible form of writing after listening by two thoughts. What expressions will be produced by two minds from one source of the sound but in different listening experience? The writings will spark off with the thoughts and imaginations of sound. 

The invisibility and intangibility of sound invite curiosity and motivation to explore its possibilities and aesthetics in listening and writing. By transformation from sound to writing, words visualize the invisible narratives in languages and forms, that is not only about recognition, but as experimentation reflecting sound and oneself. Once the relationship between sounds and consciousness connected, listening becomes a specific intimate experience. Writing sound is a form of expression to understand how we think of sound's exist and how far can sound reach in the limitless of imagination.