On Longing (Notation on Brass #11)


120 x 240 x 8 cm

Brass on panel

On Longing (Notation on Brass #11) is a piece responding to the art period of minimalism. The color made from the material of brass, as pigment applied on the panel. The stillness of the work, and with a rectangular form to produce a specific area, leads people reaching to their imagination and create their own notation by staring at the golden surface.

"15th Fresh Trend 2019 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition" exhibition view.

Improvisation: On Longing


22 mins

On the field of brass, with the concept of longing, using sound, music, and contemporary dancing to express emotions in the specific time and space.

Dancer: Wayson Poon

Musican: Kong Chan

Sound composition: Intuon Chau

sound recording

On Longing (Sep 2019)

Improvisation: On Longing.  Photo Credit: Nick Yee.